Archbishop Agyinasare Clarifies Comments About Nogokpo


Accra, May 28, 2023 – Founder of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare has clarified his comments about Nogokpo, a town in the Ketu South Municipality in the Volta Region.

Archbishop Agyinasare Clarifies Comments About Nogokpo

In a statement on Sunday, Agyinasare said he meant no malice in his comments, which he made during a sermon at his church in Accra on May 21.

“I had absolutely no intention to cast a slur upon the people of the Nogokpo Town and the Volta Region as a whole,” he said. “I have had a very cordial relationship with the people of the Volta Region. My wife of 38 years is an Ewe from Keta. And two of my sons bear Ewe names.”

Agyinasare said his comments were intended to illustrate the principle of divine protection.

“All of the examples I gave were not intended to denigrate any of the towns and their people but to elucidate the principle of divine protection to congregants,” he said.

Agyinasare’s comments sparked outrage in the Volta Region, with some people calling for him to be arrested and deported.

The Volta Regional Minister, Archibald Letsa, said Agyinasare’s comments were “unfortunate” and “insensitive.”

“The comments are unfortunate and insensitive,” Letsa said. “They are not only disrespectful to the people of Nogokpo but also to the entire Volta Region.”

Letsa said the government would not tolerate any form of discrimination or intolerance.

“The government will not tolerate any form of discrimination or intolerance,” he said. “We will protect the rights of all Ghanaians, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.”

Agyinasare has apologized for his comments.

“I sincerely apologize to the people of Nogokpo and the Volta Region for any offense my comments may have caused,” he said. “I did not mean to offend anyone.”