Bare Hands Unsterilized Items Used To Check Food Items In Ghana‘s Prisons As There’s  No Scanner


The safety of foods sent to Ghana’s prisons appears to be very compromised and risky for the inmates.

This is due to the fact that prison wardens and officers use their bare hands and unsterilized items to check food items that are being sent to friends and relatives in the prisons.

In a video making rounds on social media, the officers are seen pressing food items like bread and touching uncooked rice amongst others with their bare hands to check for illegal substances.

According to the report associated with the video, this is the case because there is no scanner for doing such a job in any of the prisons in Ghana.

This raises a lot of health concerns as the quest to ensure that illegal substances are not smuggled through food into the prisons may end up attracting other illness for the inmates who are at the receiving end of the food items being screened due to the fact that the bare hands of officers and the unsterilized items may be infected or contaminated.  

Watch video below: