Biography of Yusef Rasheed- His Wife, Family, Networth and Shocking Death


Who is Yusef Rasheed

The biography of Yusef is not an entertaining one. Yusef garnered fame after becoming the husband of a prominent American Tennis Coach, Oracene Price. The family of yusuf Rasheed comprised his wife, and two daughters (one living).

To know more about the biography of yusuf Rasheed, his wife, family, networth and death, keep scrolling. Is Yusef a Nigerian ? Yes and No. He is an American but is of Nigerian decent and also married to an American.

Marriage to Oracene Price

Rasheed Got married to star tennis Coach Oracene, the Duo are known to have lived a happy life be fire death took Mr Yusef. The marriage produced three children

Is Yusef Rasheed the father of Serena and Venus Williams?

Rasheed’s marriage to Oracene produced three wonderful children namely; Yetunde Price, a beauty salon owner and nurse; Lyndrea Price, a Web designer, and Isah Price, a lawyer. so to answer the question “is Yusef Rasheed the father of Serena and Venus Williams?” or Who is serena williams’ Father?” No, it was Oracene’s second marriage following the demise of Yusef Rasheed that sired the tennis legends.

Yusef Rasheed

How Yusef Rasheed Died

The Rasheed family suffered a devastating blow when how yusef rasheed died was announced. In 1979, Yusef fell to the ground following a sudden heart stroke.

Yetunde Price Shocking Demise

yusef’s oldest daugter, Yetunde Price, was brutally murdered. Septemver 14, 2003 is a date the Price family would never forget. Yetunde was shot by members of street gangs who sprayed her SUV vehicle with bullets.

According to the prosecution at the later trial, two members of the Southside Compton Crips street gang who were protecting the premises opened fire on the SUV thinking they were “defending [the] crack house from gangland rivals,” probably the ‘Lime Hood Piracy’.

Brief Biography of Rasheed’s Wife – Oracene Price

Price, nicknamed “Brandy,” was born in 1952 in Saginaw, Michigan. Her father was a Mississippi Delta automobile worker. sHe graduated from Buena Vista High School and Western Michigan University in 1970. Her previous marriage to Yusef Rasheed produced three daughters.

Oracene married Richard Williams, with whom she produced two additional daughters, Venus and Serena Williams. Venus and Serena Williams are both highly rated professional tennis players who have won many Grand Slam titles. She assisted her husband when he began to instruct Venus and Serena in tennis.

Price was no longer living with her husband Richard Williams by the end of 2000, and they separated in 2002, citing irreconcilable reasons.