Bride Shed Tears On Her Wedding Day As Her Gown And Almost Everything Work Against Her Happy Day


Weddings are occasions of joy which come with lots of smiles and laughter.

Even though people sometimes shed tears on their wedding days, they are usually tears of extreme joy, celebrating a dream come true.

However, the story seems to be different for a bride in a trending video on her wedding day.

Instead of shedding tears of joy, she is seen shedding tears of sadness.

According to reports, the bride who is seen crying on her wedding day, had almost everything ruin her big day.

It is reported that, the wedding gown she got for her wedding day wasn’t the one she preferred and ordered.

Even though many people believe she looked good in the wedding gown, it appeared the lady’s soul only wanted the gown she preferred and ordered.

That is not the only thing that made the pretty lady cry on a day she was supposed to be smiling broadly and laughing as well.

Another thing that contributed to her being sad was the fact that her parents kept calling her to tell her not to wear makeup for the wedding ceremony.

For this, the makeup artist is seen cleaning off what seemed to be a very gorgeous makeup on the face of the bride as she cries.

Even though she managed to put herself together and move on to get her wedding done, she had another heartbreak as the caterer for her wedding whom she had contracted to be at the wedding reception with her team at 2pm didn’t honor the agreement but got there at 4pm.

The effects of all these were seen on the facial expression of the bride as she couldn’t even put on a fake smile for her wedding photographs and the photographer had to try cheering her up to get some smile.