Drake Gifts Fan $50K For Spending His Furniture Money On Buying Ticket For His Show.


Internationally celebrated rapper, Drake has blessed the life of a fan who made a huge sacrifice to be at his show with fifty thousand dollars.

The fan did something marvelous to show his love for Drake by spending money he was supposed to use to get his furniture to buy tickets for the rapper’s show in Las Vegas.

This dedicated fan who was finally able to get to his celebrity’s show had written on a placard, “I spent my furniture money on your two shows, OVO for life.”

Drake’s attention was caught by the inscription on the placard and was so moved by the level of love and sacrifice.

He decided to bless the life of this fan with $50K.

He said, “You know what, my man, your furniture money, Imma give you 50 bands ‘cause’ I love you. Make sure he gets his money tonight.”

Drake told all who were present that he was trying to teach them something by acknowledging the sacrifice of his fan.

“Listen, this is what life is about. I’m trying to teach you something tonight. I want you to understand something tonight. You never know, what the next person is going through. You never know what the person in front of you, to the left of you, to the right of you, behind you, is going through.”, he said.