Fameye’s Song Saved Me From Commiting Su!c!de – Man Reveals

A Ghanaian man has revealed that he was saved from commiting suicide by a song of Ghanaian Highlife musician, Fameye.

The man made this revelation when he appeared as a guest on the “Kasa no y3 more Show” which airs on DSTV’s Akwaba Magic channel.

Narrating his ordeal, the mane indicated that he was watching videos on his father’s iPad which was in his possession at that moment, only for him to receive a tap from someone behind him.

According to him, a voice followed the tap, suggesting to him to go and commit suicide because he was going through a lot of hardships in life and that’s could end it all.

The guy said that this spiritual force which asked him to commit suicide moved him to go get a knife for the execution.

He went on to narrate that, he was on the verge of slaughtering himself to death when he heard a music playing from his window.

This music was Fameye’s “Mati’ song and the part he heard that moved him to quit the suicide was the part that said in translated form, “Regardless why has happened, I am alive.”

He revealed that, at one he got hope that there was more to life and the gift of life is greater than everything.

The young man advised people not to lambast persons that commit suicide because, just like his, for many of those who that, they’re influenced by spirits.

Watch the video below;