Female Ghanaian Youtuber, Maame Sika Has Been Gifted A House After Her Graduation.


In a heartwarming and widely celebrated video circulating across social media platforms, female Ghanaian Youtuber, Maame sika announced the kind gesture of her father who has gifted her a 3-bedroom house.  

Mame Sika in the video indicated that she has always dreamt of becoming a millionaire growing up and her father has been supportive of that dream of hers.

“I’ve always wanted to be a millionaire growing up and I’ve always wanted to own properties all over the world. As a graduation present, my dad decided to help my dream become a reality,” she said.

This video is one evidence of such a series of support from Maame Sika’s father.

The video shows an emotional moment between the father and his daughter, where he expressed his pride for her daughter’s achievement and presents her with a beautiful graduation gift, a 3-bedroom apartment for graduating in an aeronautical engineering program.

Narrating the inspiration behind his gift, Maame Sika’s father disclosed that he is aware of his daughter’s aspiration to accumulate properties.

As a result, he made the decision to give her a three-bedroom home, to add to her pool of properties. He gave her the keys to the house as a symbolism of officially handing it over to her and urged her to take good care of it.

“For finishing and graduating and doing wonderfully well, this is a present for you. This is a three-bedroom house to add to the fleet of your properties. Make sure you maintain it very well,” Maame Sika’s father said while giving her the keys to the house” Mame’s father said before handing over the keys to the house to her.

Maame Sika who was happy about the gift expressed gratitude to her dad and promised to take very good care of the house with the same diligence she pursued her studies.

Joyful Maame Sika took a tour around the house and began an imaginary plan of how the how will be furnished.

With regards to future plans for the house, Maame Sika remains undecided between using it as her residence or exploring the option of renting it out.

However, there’s a high chance she renting out as she’s asked people who are interested in renting to hit her up.  

Kindly watch the video below: