“He’s A Bad Influence,” Youth Of Benin Protest Against Bobrisky; Want Him Out Of Edo State.

Youth of Benin in the Federal Republic of Nigeria are protesting the visit of Nigerian transgender, Bobrisky in their state.

Bobrisky arrived in the Edo state over the weekend for an event to the dissatisfaction of the youth of Benin.

The youth, upon hearing of her arrival, hit the streets with placards, demanding that she leaves immediately.

This is because they have issues with her after she made comments they regard as disrespectful towards the Oba of Benin a year ago.

According to the youth of Benin Bobrisky is yet to apologize for the disrespectful comments and so isn’t welcomed in the state.

Attending an event in the south state, Bobrisky filmed himself saying he was too hot to the extent that the Benin monarch might take him as one of his wives.

This did not sit well with youth of Benin and have in their own way decided to banish Bobrisky from their state.

The youth could be seen in viral videos of their protest on the internet, chanting, “We don’t need Bobrisky here. He’s a bad influence. We don’t want any gay here”.

Watch the video below;