“I Did Not Hear Black Sherif. I Heard Sherif Black”, Prophet Nigel Gaisie Beats Retreat On Doom Prophecy


Founder and leader of the True Word Prophetic Fire Ministries, prophet Nigel Gaisie seems to have beaten a retreat over the doom prophecy he delivered last week.

Even though almost everyone came to an obvious conclusion that the prophecy was about Black Sherif, prophet Nigel Gaisie is saying that is not the case.

During a phone-in conversation on United showbiz prophet Nigel Gaisie said that he never saw Black Sharif but what he saw was Sherif Black.

This comes after being bashed by several Ghanaians for the doom prophecy about the rising star, and more interestingly after he had admitted earlier on the phone call that he was actually speaking about Black Sheriff in his prophecy.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie indicated that even though the prophecy was for Sherif Black any wise person could make their deductions and reach conclusions.

“I did not hear Black Sherif. I heard Sherif Black. But whichever way, I, a wise person, can make projections and deductions out of what I saw.”

Asked whether persons in the entertainment industry should not be worried because the prophecy is not about Black Sherif, the prophet answered by saying that prophecies come to him figuratively and so he could hear a name and it might mean something different.

“You see, prophesies come to us in a figurative manner. So, if it’s Akosua and maybe the prophecy is about Ako, I think if I’m called Akosua and I hear a prophecy about Ako, I will pray, I will fast about it, I will give some sacrifice about it, I will get in touch with a pastor or a spiritual person I trust and tell him a prophet has seen or heard a prophecy and ask if it is about me or closer to me.

Prophet Nigel Gaisei wrote a prophecy on his Facebook page last week asking “the family of Sherif Black” to pray for him because he didn’t like what he was seeing, adding that he sees the mother of the said person “crying uncontrollably”.