“I Only Associate With Rich People”, Bobrisky Tells People Who Are Texting Him/Her For The Details Of His/Her Late Father’s Funeral.


Nigerian social media sensation, Bobrisky has asked people to stop bothering him/her for details of his/her father’s funeral because he/she only associates with rich people.

According to the transgender, he/she has been receiving messages from several people, telling him/her that they want to be attend his/her father’s funeral and asking for the attire to be worn and location.

However, he/she wanted that to stop because he/she only associates with rich people whom he/she believes are non-judgmental and so expects such people only at his/her father’s funeral.

“I’ve been getting so many chats from you people, different messages from you people telling me how you wanna turn up for my dad’s burial in Ogun state. But the sad truth is, I only associate with rich people. I’m sorry. I only mingle with rich people. Because I feel like rich people are non-judgmental, rich people understand better. Rich people love deeply and those are the people I want to see around me.”, he/she said.

Bobrisky went on to explain that he/she didn’t want to invite people he/she is richer than. Or a person that will come to his/her party and will not spread him/her money.

According to him/her anyone who will come to his/her party will eat good food and enjoy expensive drinks, hence they cannot just come empty handed.

“You come to my party; you eat good food. Like, you eat good food. I’m calling number one best catering service in the whole of Nigeria to come and cook for me. I’m paying so much money. So much money! I’m buying expensive drinks. Expensive Ace of Spades, XO, a lot of expensive drinks. And you’re gonna eat my food and you will not spray me money”, he/she questioned.