“I Worked For 9 Years For A Big Bank In Ghana And Earned Less Than Ghc2.5k And No Promotion”- A Ghanaian Student In The UK Explains Why He Left Ghana.


Sam, a Ghanaian studying in the United Kingdom has explained his reason for leaving Ghana as stagnant salary over a long period and no promotion.

Sam made this revelation during an interview with Kojo Yankson on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM.

According to Sam, he worked for 9 years for a big bank in Ghana and earned less than Ghc2.5k with no promotion coming his way.

“This is a company that I’ve been with the for the past nine years. When I completed my university; I completed my GIMPA in 2014, I got myself that job and I have been with them.”

He went on to describe how tedious his work was yet receiving a meager salary and insignificant allowance for overtime, as well as no promotion for years.

“When I realized that nine years on there was no promotion; I will stay in the office from 5:30am to 1am because my department was that quiet challenging. I was working with the clearing department. Anytime there’s system breakdown at GhIPSS, everyone who works in the bank and I mean in the clearing department, it will affect your day. When GhIPSS had an issue, it affects all the banks, sometimes you stay as late as 12am, 1am and start to get all your work done. And you will file for an overtime and they will give you 37.5 pesewas.”, he explained.

Sam describes the whole situation as “so disheartening, so insulting and annoying”, making him reach the point of resolving to leave the country at all cost, especially considering the fact that finding a different job here was difficult.

He went on to argue that, the government is in Ghana is not wholly to be blamed for the high cost of living and little economic freedom for workers but also, the management of institutions in Ghana can be blamed for that.

According to him, employers in the United Kingdom are considerate about the economic wellbeing of their employees and so, ensure their salaries are adjusted up when inflation increases but is not so with their Ghanaian counterparts who rather have huge pay gaps between themselves and their employees.

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