“If You’re Dating Girls From The Ages Of 18 To 23 Years. You’re Wasting Your Time” – Man Advises His Fellows

A Nigerian man has advised his men who are dating ladies between the ages of 18 to 23 years.

In a video he uploaded online, the man explained that, most ladies within that age bracket don’t know what they want and have no intentions of marrying soon but are only fixated on having fun.

He explained that any man who builds a relationship with such ladies will only loose in the end because they will eventually leave for another person when the cruise is over with their current guy or they feel they’ve had enough and want something different.

He advised guys to make it a point not to date such ladies unless they’re are fully ready to marry them at that time.

Rather, he advised guys who want to build a better relationship to marry ladies from the ages of 18 years and above because they’re matured enough and know what they’re about.

Watch the video below;