“I’m focusing on building my mansion and apartments not awards” – rapper Strongman


In a recent exchange on social media, popular rapper Strongman has made it clear that he values personal achievements and building his assets more than accolades from award programs in Ghana. The rapper’s response came after a troll questioned his lack of recognition at the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

"I’m focusing on building my mansion and apartments not awards" - rapper Strongman

The troll, seemingly frustrated by Strongman’s absence from the winners’ list, took to social media to express their discontent. “The way things are going unless Otumfuor creates an award for Strongman, he won’t win anything in his career,” the troll remarked. Drawing comparisons to the American rapper Meek Mill, who has been active in the music industry since 2013, the critic suggested that Strongman should focus less on his rap skills and more on his overall success.

However, Strongman did not let the comment discourage him. Instead, he responded with grace and determination, highlighting his current priorities and future plans. “Bro, I have won a lot in my career, okay,” Strongman began. “Man is building a mansion and an apartment at the same time, so if you want to tease me with awards, I will just be laughing too. After 2 years, when you come to Kumasi, you can come stay here for a year. Menua Wanim s3 at3ky3.” This response showcases Strongman’s unwavering focus on his personal growth and the well-being of his family.

It is evident that Strongman does not seek validation solely through awards and honors but instead finds motivation in building a solid foundation for himself and his loved ones. The rapper’s decision to invest in real estate, simultaneously constructing a mansion and apartments, demonstrates his commitment to long-term financial security and stability.

This latest interaction on social media sheds light on Strongman’s mindset and approach to his career. The rapper’s emphasis on personal achievements over external validation is refreshing in an industry often driven by recognition and awards. While acknowledging the significance of accolades, Strongman seems to understand that true success lies in building a lasting legacy and creating a prosperous future.

As Strongman continues to work on his music and expand his ventures, it is clear that his focus remains steadfast. Whether or not he receives awards in the future, his dedication to personal growth and providing for his family is an admirable quality that sets him apart.

Fans and followers can look forward to witnessing Strongman’s continued journey as he strives for greatness in his music career while simultaneously building a solid foundation through his investments. As the rapper stays true to his values and aspirations, it is certain that his hard work and determination will leave a lasting impact on the Ghanaian music industry and beyond.

Source: ghnewsbuzz.com