“Is hard out here, but you get value for your time and effort”- Gh man living in US replied Kyeiwaa


A Ghanaian man living abroad, Ewura Kwabena, has responded to his colleagues discouraging others from traveling abroad, saying that “abroad is hard.” In a post, he acknowledged that it is indeed challenging to live in a foreign land, but the rewards are worth it.

"Is hard out here, but you get value for your time and effort"- Gh man living in US replied Kyeiwaa

He highlighted some of the benefits of living abroad, including retirement benefits for all the hard work, assistance from the government during hard times, and the proper utilization of taxes. Kwabena also mentioned that with the right education, training, and planning, one can succeed abroad.

However, he also cautioned that laziness and entitlement will not lead to success, especially in the United States. He encouraged young people to take advantage of job security, financial security, and retirement security available abroad.

Kwabena emphasized that Ghana lacks many of the securities he listed, and young people should take the opportunity to make something of themselves if given the chance.

In his words as he was replying to Kyeiwaa; “Yes it is hard out here. But guess what, you get value for your time and effort. You’re guaranteed retirement benefits for all your sweat. In times of hardships, the government out here comes to your aid. Your taxes are valued and used for exactly what it’s being collected for. And with some good education/training and proper planning, you can make something of yourself. If you’re lazy and entitled, then yeah, you won’t survive out here, especially here in the US. This is for the young people not an old woman like Kyeiwaa. Job security, financial security, retirement security. All you gotta do is put your time to good use. Is that so hard? You do that in Ghana anyway, but with minimal to none of the securities I’ve listed guaranteed. You might as well do it here if you get the chance.”

Kwabena’s message is clear, and it is that living abroad may be tough, but with hard work and proper planning, one can achieve great things. It is up to young people to make the most of the opportunities available to them.