Kuami Eugine Criticized For His Dressing To Late Father’s 40 Days Commemoration


Yet another time, musician Kuami Eugine has received several backlashes from persons on social media.

This time, it is due to the attire he was wearing during his late father’s 40-days commemoration.

The singer who lost his dad about a month ago wore a black shirt on a pair of black trousers with a necktie on top of the tacked in shirt. He also had on, a black designer shoe, as well as a designer ring on his hands.

But this dressing didn’t sit well for some persons online who thought it was culturally inappropriate for him to appear in such an attire at his father’s 40-days commemoration.

Below are some comments people wrote about the outfit:

@nana4realone- At your father’s funeral…..????🙄asking for a friend, you can’t do this in Ashanti kingdom 😂never😂at your father’s…????🙄

@Kwamsofficial- Oh, spirit of dressing enter kuami .. wai?😔

@akosua__stella- Attending your Father’s 40 days observation like a guest and chewing gum like this dier Ei

@Viewmymemes- In my home no matter how u get money u can’t wear ear ring to great elders 😑😑

@whats_up_gh- What happened to our culture.. they should be tutu ntoma

@ampofowaa1- This 1 too u wear these nonsense earrings ?? Aaah this boy paaa hmmmm

@ afrifa_appau_josephine_- Some nice caftan with nice slippers would’ve done the job Eugene.