Lionel Messi’s left alone is insured for $900Million

Argentina captain, Lionel Messi has the most expensive body part insurance in sports history with his left foot worth over $900 million.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward just won his first and final World Cup for his country making him the only player to have bagged all the major titles in sports history.

Not only is he a prolific and talented sports personality but Lionel Messi is also wealthiest among other well known players with net worth of over $620million.

Messi’s left foot alone, has been insured with a whopping sum of $900 million, which is more expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo’s both legs insured for $99 million.

Reports suggests that, the left foot of Messi is even more expensive than some teams as it has been revealed that the Argentina captain has the most expensive insurance in football. 

Other players like Cristiano Ronaldo who just signed for Saudi Arabian club, Al Nassr, and former Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham, are also on the list.
David Beckham’s face and legs are worth $175 million.