“Listen, You Want To Stay Rich? Stay Stingy.”-Akon Advises.


American singer, record producer, and entrepreneur, Akon has advised people that the best way to stay rich is to stay stingy.

The musician gave this advice when he appeared as a guest on the IMPAULSIVE podcast hosted by Loga Paul and Mike Majlak.

As part of the interview, Akon discussed how he has always kept his economic status up, one of the ways being he staying stingy.

“Listen, you want to stay rich? Stay stingy,” he said.

He went on to explain that, even though his peers own private jets, and fly first and business class, he flies commercial whiles revealing that he sold his private jet six months after buying it because the cost of maintaining it was so much.

“I’m the stingiest mother***ker on the planet. Any person of my caliber is not flying commercial. These dudes are flying jets all day. I attempted to own a jet. That shit lasted six months. I sold that mother***ker so fast. You have no idea. I promise you.”, Akon Said.

He advised the hosts and all others to not buy a jet but rather rent them for business because the cost of maintaining a jet is more the price of the jet itself.  

“Buy some hours and use it only when necessary. And most of the time, use it as a way of negotiation. Let that be a part of your strategy to the money. But whatever you do, do not own a jet. Bro, owning a jet is spending at least $2-3million a year just on upkeep. You spend more on the maintenance than the actual jet costs.”

Watch the interview below: