Man cancels wedding after his fiancée takes invitation card to ex & slept with him


Heartbreak and tears have engulfed a Nigerian lady who is now at the center of a viral story on Facebook after her fiancé cancelled their wedding plans.

Man cancels wedding after his fiancée takes invitation card to ex & slept with him

The lady, whose name has not been disclosed, revealed that her fiancé called off their wedding because she visited her ex-boyfriend days before the big day.

According to the story which has been making the rounds on Facebook, the man discovered that the lady had passed the night at her ex-boyfriend’s place after claiming to have visited him just to give him an invitation card to her wedding. However, things got out of hand, and they ended up making out.

After discovering the truth, the man reportedly hacked into her WhatsApp account, and upon confirming his suspicions, directed that all preparations for their wedding be cancelled.

The story has since been shared by several Facebook users, leaving many people heartbroken for the lady.

The lady herself sought solace in a Facebook group where she sought the opinion of group members on the matter. She explained that her fiancé had cancelled the wedding in her presence and even called their parents to inform them of his decision.

He left her in his house and checked into a hotel before leaving for Abuja from there.

The news of the cancelled wedding has generated mixed reactions from Facebook users, with some sympathizing with the lady while others criticized her actions.

Many have called for caution and honesty in relationships, urging couples to be transparent with each other to avoid such situations.

For now, the lady continues to nurse her wounds as the story continues to make waves on social media.