Man Narrates How Landlord Has Parked 7 Of His Cars To Rot Away Because Of Unfaithful Ghanaian Troto Drivers

A man has narrated a sad story of how his landlord has made a huge loss due to the unfaithfulness of Troto drivers in Ghana.

In a video posted online which shows seven cars grounded in a bushy environment with some of the parts rotting away, the man is heard narrating that those cars belong to his landlord who lives abroad.

He explains that the landlord bought the cars and handed them over to some Ghanaians to use as commercial vehicles, known widely as Trotro in Ghana.

However, all the drivers were unfaithful and used a lot of excuses to extort money from the car owner.

When he couldn’t take it anymore, he called for all the cars to be returned grounded them, and went back abroad.

The cars have been left on a weedy compound of the Landlord with some beginning to rot away.

Watch the video below;