“Nigel Gaisie Behaves Childish”, MC Yaa Yeboah Calls Out Prophet Nigel’s Over The Clarifications On His Sheriff Black Prophecy.


Ghanaian media personality, MC Yaa Yeboah has called out Prophet Nigel Gaisie for his clarifications on his prophecy about Sherrif Black.

Speaking as a pundit on last Saturday’s edition of United Showbiz, MC Yaa Yeboah described prophet Nigel as someone who behaves childish, whiles adding that his explanations lack substance and makes no sense to her.

“As for Nigel, I think he behaves childish. Because, what he said earlier and the clarification he has come to give now, there’s no substance in them in my opinion. When I listen to what he is saying, it doesn’t make any sense to me.”, she said.

The broadcaster went on to say that there is only one famous person who is known as Black Sherif, however, prophet Nigel Gaisei wasn’t able to admit during the phone call on the show that he was talking about the musician.  

She therefore questioned who a direction should be made for since he, Nigel was asking that something be done for the person he gave the prophecy about.

She went on to argue that prophet’s Nigel Gaisei’s call for respect for prophets in Ghana at the moment held no water because she believes that, the fact that prophets must be respected doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be questioned if the things they’re saying have holes in them or are unreasonable.

MC Yaa Yeboah also alleged that the prophet was trying to exploit Black Sherif’s recent statement about his mental sanity and how people sometimes come at the necks of him and other artistes so that he, Nigel can trend. Adding that, he is trying to put fear in the artiste, for his personal gains.

She went on to bluntly describe the prophecy as a fake one whiles saying it has been one too many.

“I think these fake prophecies have been too many. They have become to many. Look Mzvee, when God gives you a spiritual gift and he adds anointing to it for you to lead his church, he adds wisdom and knowledge. He won’t just watch you to work by yourself. He adds wisdom and knowledge.”, she fumed.