Nigerian Lady Breaks Guinness World Record For The Longest Handmade Wig

Helen Williams, a Nigerian wigmaker has broken and set another record for the Guinness World Record longest handmade wig.

The GWR through am official statement revealed that Helen Williams created the world’s longest handmade wig which measured at 351.28 metres (1,152 ft 5 in).

According to Helen, this record breaking effort cost her two million naira (£2,031; $2,493) in the 11 days she worked.

She explained that it was very difficult to find the necessary materials to make the longest handmade wig in the world.

The new record holder explained that at a point on the challenge , she felt exhausted and wanted to call it a quit.

However, her friends and family encouraged her and she did not want to let them down and so she maintained her focus, worked hard, until she achieved her dream.

Helen has been working as a professional wigmaker for the last eight years and has been producing from 50 to 300 wigs per week.

She has also trained hundreds of students who have made thousands of wigs in Nigeria.