#Occupjulorbihouse Protestors Defy Rain To Continue Protest Amidst Blockage From Police


The resolution of the #OccupJulorbiHouse protestors to drum home their message appears very strong as they seem not ready to stop at the instance of anything.

Even though the rains came down during the day two of their protest, the protestors were unwavering as they decided not to call off their demonstration.

When the rain started pouring, they demonstrators kept charging and warming up to songs blasting from speakers they went along with.

This was after they were stopped mid-way on their march to the Jubilee House by a human blocked formed by officers of the Ghana Police Service, armed in riot control gears and had water cannons behind them.

Because the protestors wanted to act peacefully, they decided not to advance further towards the police but also weren’t ready to call off the protest.

They stopped at the spot and chanted patriotic songs as well as songs blasting from speakers behind them and delivered speeches on why they were protesting.

The Democracy Hub Group together with the #FixTheCountry movement put notice out about the organization of a three-day long protest at the Jubilee House dubbed #OccupJulorbiHouse.

On Thursday, September 21, 2023, the protesters conveyed at the 37 station to begin their protest when they were met with a swoop by the Ghana police service who picked the protestors in a Rambo style and pushed them into buses and buckets of pickups to the Greater Accra Regional Headquarters and other police stations.

According to the Ghana Police Service a day before the protest in a press release, they had filed a process in court to injunct the said demonstration and so asked the citizenry to disregard any call for them to go out and protest.

It was the defiance of this call by the protestors that got the police arresting them like criminals and putting them behind bars for several hours.

There have been allegations of assaults against protestors by the police and unlawful seizure of mobile phones.

Friday marked the second day of the protest where the protestors have still not been allowed to access their planned destination, which is the Jubilee House, the seat of government.