Paul Adom Otchere Says He Would Have Fired IGP Dampare For Crying If He Was The President.


Host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana, Paul Adom Otchere has said that he would have fired the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare for crying when he appeared before Parliament’s Ad hoc Committee that is investigating the leaked tape, concerning him.

Paul Adom Otchere said this during an analysis of the committee’s meeting on his show last Tuesday evening.

The Inspector General of Police, Dr. Georger Akuffo Dampare was invited to appear before the committee on Tuesday to answer questions after his name was mentioned by C.O.P Alex Mensah who accused him of being the mastermind behind the recording of the leaked tape which he, C.O.P Alex Mensah claimed has been doctored.

During his presentation before the committee, Dr. Dampare spoke about the fact that, the whole leaked tape has affected himself and his family emotionally and at a point was seen shedding tears.

This didn’t go down well with Paul Adom Otchere who believes that a senior police officer like the IGP shouldn’t be crying over things like that.

According to Paul, he would have understood the shedding of tears, if the IGP had gotten to an accident scene and the lives of children have been taken but not for something as “minor “as this when he has been offered the opportunity to come and defend himself.   

“You Dr. Dampare they’ve brought you to parliamentary enquiry so that you can answer and they’ve given you a platform so the people of Ghana can hear your truth, and what you do is to cry? ‘Policenii’ (a police officer), crying. C.O.P, Commissioner of Police and you’re crying”

For this, the journalist said that if he was the president of Ghana who appointed the IGP he would have called him to tell him he can’t do the job again and so he should leave his post.

“If I were the president who appointed him, tonight, I will call him and say, ‘chief, I don’t think that you can go on with this job any longer. You were crying at the committee. Crying!!!”

The controversial journalist argued that the IGP was only shedding tears to court public sympathy which he, Paul believes is not need but rather thinks Dr. Dampare should put systems in place and make them work.