“They Disgraced Me. That’s The Hurt “– Sister Derby On Why She Doesn’t Want To Date Any Man Again

Ghanaian musician, Sister Derby has revealed that the men she dated previously disgraced her and has caused her to give up on being in a relationship again.

The African Mermaid made this revelation on her Snapchat handle when she was responding to questions from her followers.

During the interactive session, a fan wrote to her expressed empathy with the artiste for the fact that she always says she got hurt by the men she had previously dated.

“I always get hurt when I see m men getting you hurt,” Nilo, a Snapchat user texted her.

Replying to the message on her Snapchat story, Sister Derby wrote,” They disgrace me. That’s the hurt.”

In a recent interview she did on Neat FM, Sister Derby explained that she always gave her all and made sacrifices in her previous relationships but the men took advantage of her and so she is done with any form of romantic relationship.

The “Jollof” hitmaker added that she was very satisfied with her single life at the moment and didn’t need any man in her life.