Turkish Crypto Boss And Two Brothers Sentenced To 11,196 Years In Jail Each


A Turkish crypto boss, Faruk Fatih Ozer, 29 and his two brothers, Serap and Guven have been sentenced to 11,196 years in jail each according to Anadolu state news agency.

Their sentencing was issued late Thursday, 8th, August after a trial, Turkish media reports said.

Faruk Fatih Ozer and his two brothers were sentenced to prison for money laundering, fraud and building a criminal organisation.

Since they abolished the death penalty, Turkey has been known commonly for issuing massive prison sentences as a way to help their efforts to be part of the EU. The death penalty was abolished in 2004.

“If I were to establish a criminal organisation, I would not have acted so amateurishly,” Anadolu quoted Ozer as telling the court.

In April 2021, Faruk Fatih reportedly left Turkey with a whopping amount of $2 billion in investor assets. This amount has since been disputed.