‘Unhappy’ Cristiano Ronaldo could split from Georgina Rodriguez amid her issues with his mother


Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez are once again at the center of speculation that there are growing tensions in their relationship. The rumors emerged in the Portuguese television network CMTV’s talk show Noite das Estrelas, where journalist Quintino Aires, a close friend of Ronaldo’s mother, claimed that the footballer’s behaviors suggested he was not happy in his personal life.

'Unhappy' Cristiano Ronaldo could split from Georgina Rodriguez amid her issues with his mother

“He does not live a moment of happiness, and the further he moves away from his mother, the less temperate he is. And we all know why he’s getting further and further away from his family,” Aires said, indirectly pointing to Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

“Georgina spends her day in a shopping mall in Riyadh, and that’s one of the reasons why Cristiano is not amused by this story,” he added.

Aires’ comments come after previous rumors earlier this year, suggesting a possible crisis between the couple. However, Georgina Rodriguez denied the rumors through her Instagram account, sharing a photo with Ronaldo to show their relationship is the same as always.

“There are many beautiful things left to live,” Georgina captioned the photo on her Instagram story.

Despite the denial, journalist Leo Caeiro, also appearing on Noite das Estrelas, supported Aires’ opinion on Ronaldo’s unhappiness in his relationship, saying: “I’ve been saying it for months. They are not well and are likely to separate. The reality is that Cristiano is fed up with it.”

Georgina’s recent Netflix reality TV series, ‘I am Georgina’ Season 2, also revealed the influencer’s exotic lifestyle and passion for lavish shopping, which could have contributed to the rumors of a rift between the couple.

However, Filipa Castro, a close friend of the couple, previously insisted that everything was fine between Ronaldo and Georgina.

“I can say from a 100% reliable source that they are as always, superfine. These are stories, gossip commissioned by gene who can’t stand Georgina,” she said.

The power couple has been together for years and has five children, and their relationship has endured several rumors and scandals in the past. Only time will tell if these latest rumors have any truth to them or if Ronaldo and Georgina’s relationship continues to remain strong.