“We Will Find Tourist Attraction In Areas Where Tourist Funerals Occur-Minister For Tourism, Arts And Culture Reveals.


Ghana’s Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Hon. Mohammed Ibrahim Awal has revealed that, his Ministry is going to collaborate with the Ghana Tourism Authority to leverage on funerals in Ghana for tourism attraction.

Speaking to the press, the minister explained that Ghanaians have love for funerals and attend them in their numbers. Hence, his Ministry and the Ghana Tourism Authority are going to serve Ghanaian dishes and drinks at funerals as way of promoting the country.  

He went on to explain that, they will also provide free buses at funerals to carry attendants to the nearest tourism sites where they will enjoy the scenery, eat at restaurants nearby and buy artifacts.

“And then we can also bus those attending the funerals to key tourism sites. For instance, if there’s funeral in Ashanti, we will buss them to key centers in Ashanti.

We’re busing them free. When we go to that area, from there, there are restaurants and chop bars there. They will go and sit down there and eat. They will buy water; they will buy artifacts; they are enriching the local economy by providing jobs.” he said.

He also advised others to take advantage of funerals and exploit the tourism opportunities in them and deepen Ghana’s cultural assets.